PlayMath was founded in 2016 in order to provide a simple and easy to learn Math platform.

Our team combines experienced math teachers, Designers and digital Entrepreneurs all parents to young kids. PlayMath is a present and future platform for kids around the globe.

Our math methodology and product design process is unique and proved itself through our beta testing period.

These days PlayMath is expanding to the U.S Europe and China.

Our vision

Our vision is simple: To allow every child to succeed in math. Why? Because we believe every child can succeed in math!

Our math methodology can make miracles to self-confidence and children’s ability to understand and practice math.

The right way to ensure success in mathematics begins in first grade or kindergarten. Therefore, the site now supports children at the ages of 5- 8.PlayMath program will grow with the kids starting their math journey these days with us.
PlayMath team will always look to cooperate with parents and teachers, and we will be happy to hear your feedback and apply your comments within the program. Don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and success stories. We always love to hear our users.
We will be happy to answer all your questions and share our knowledge

PlayMath team

The Team

Dror Katz

CEO & Co Founder Mobile app

Dror brings more than 12 years of experience in the digital field.Prior to playmath.co.il Dror is the founder of Kahuna Interactive, a digital agency based in Tel Aviv.
BBA in Marketing CITY University of New York, Baruch college.

Rotem Kaner

Design & Product Manager

Idan Warshevski

Business Development &Innovation

Yuval Brings vast experience in the field of innovation ' product management and business development.

Six important facts all parents need to know

  1. Success in Math = Higher self-confidence = A more successful life.
  2. 90% of your child's success or failure is derived from his/her sense of competence.
  3. The early years are crucial - this is when your child's sense of competence is molded.
  4. Each child learns at his/her own pace.
  5. Young children love to learn and feel grown-up.
  6. Every child can learn and excel in Math. Yours too.

Why wait? Your child deserves to play, learn and succeed.
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Key Math Concept

Math is build one layer after the other. It is crucial for long run success that the first layers will be solid.
We summary the key math concept that children must master.


Enter the world of numbers

Counting numbers

First steps in adding

First Grade

Understanding the concept of subtraction
Understanding the concept of multiplication

Addition/subtraction table (up to 18)
Understanding the concept of division

Quantitative orientation

Second Grade

Adding up to 100

Decimal notation

Two staged multiplication and division



Minimum 6 months

Single user
Full version 1st - 2nd grades
Parents dashboard
2 additional users for free during launch period

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